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Marble Surface


It all started in March 2012 when the first sexy event on Second Life was launched by Missy Pevensey; The Whore Couture Fair. After the unexpected success of this event, starting an event planning company on Second Life was the next step. Since then, Flair For Events is one of the best and well known event planning companies on the grid. We are planning monthly events, fairs and hunts with thematic.

Flair For Events has brought you a range of events that have increased with popularity over time. Our goal is to introduce new and well known quality designers to the SL players. We give love and structure to our designers and we cherish our bloggers.

After 10 years of expertise in event planning on SL, the Flair For Events team continue to offer excellence and newness to the event market. Flair For Events assures you a successful event and a fantastic shopping experience!

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