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We are encouraging designers to rig for at

least 3 curvy bodies listed below but we

cannot control their choices of creations.

Thank you for your understanding ♥

The following bodies are considered as curvy rig: 

**9s Jessica Cherri ** Belleza Freya/ Gen.X

** BombJuice! Juno ** Dream Naomi ** 

Ebody Curvy/ Reborn/ JuicyBoobs/ Juicy Rolls ** 

Inithium Kupra/ Kups/ Jelly Belly/ Up!
** Kahlene Anya/ Alexa/ Erika ** Maze S
oft Arms/ Soft Thighs
** MeshBody Legacy/ Perky ** S
oapberry Mounds

** Sking Katena ** Slink Hourglass/ Cinnamon/ Chai

** Tonic Curvy - Yentements BBL.






Inworld group:







Every month, designers wil have to display

an original work product specially made

for curvy women.

Opening: every 15th @ Noon SLT

Closing: every 10th @ Noon SLT

 Right picture by Nova Caine

Left picture by Vandel Cutthroat