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Men Only Monthly.

Fashion. Home. Decor.

Take a trip to Men Only and browse the stunning exclusive releases made just for men. Shop in one convenient location with a wide variety of choice, you can find clothing & footwear, accessories & decors, poses, enhancements and so much more - quality assured.

Sponsored by: Hideki - No. Match - Off-Line - Alantori - Cold Laundry - Beorn - ChuckSize - ChicChica - Invictus - The Bearded Guy - Gild - Short Leash - 777 Motors - RealEvil Industries - Mg Men's

Its your perfect chance to refresh your wardrobe, change up your style and live your best life!

Opening Hours:

Every 20th of the month, NoonSLT


Every 15th of the month, Noon SLT

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Big is beautiful and here at Flair for Events, we are celebrating our #BigGirls!

Join us in empowering women to embrace their curves and fall in love with feeling good. Let your confidence shine and most importantly, have some fun shopping for all your curvy, voluptuous and sensual goodies.

Your time is now.

Opening Hours:

Every 15th of the month, NOON SLT


Every 5th of the month, NOON SLT

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The future is ours.

Flair for Events is proud to announce the return of CYBERPUNK!

Join our sponsors in exploring a an alternative reality and upgrade your virtual world to have the best quality cybernetics with a punk edge. An event dedicated to urban fashion, futuristic accessories, and high-tech decor with a punk artificial intelligence vibe.

Advance your virtual space and get ahead of the game this May!


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