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A fresh revival combining the best of anybody & frou frou on a monthly basis. Pretty is everything you need and more. Stunning fashions, gorgeous decors, sexy enhancements to name but a few of the many options available.

​Embrace the Pretty woman in you ❤

Opening Hours:

Every 7th of the month, Noon SLT


Every 30th of the month, Noon SLT

Check out our amazing designers

Amataria / Beautiful Dirty Rich / Boutique 187 / CORAZON / LSR Originals / Midna / Psycho Barbie / Supernatural

1 Hundred. / 777 Motors / Addicted To Ink / Auralia / Avanti / Avatar Love / Believe / Bens Beauty & Boutique / BOMBSHELL / BreauxWillow / Cazimi / Darcio Poses / darzt / Ecru Couture / GO Makeup / Good Girl / Griptape & Roses / Holli Pocket / JOY STORE / KiB Designs / Mary's Shapes / ME Jewelry / Muesli / Minju / NYNE / OOPS! / Oubliette / PACAGAIA / Pawesome / Peekaboo / Petite Mort / Play Devil / Plastic Dolls / poema / Prairie / QE Designs / Rarer / Sass / Solros / Stargazer / Stunner Originals / SVP / TAOX TATTOO / The Kitty Corner / theMARS / Tooty Fruity / TRULY OUTRAGEOUS FASHION / VORTEX / WellMade / Winged / Zombie Suicide

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Whore Couture Fair

Porn Edition 18+

The doors are open, cameras rolling - its time to be centre of attention at Whore Couture Fair Porn Edition!

Strictly for adults only, everything you have come to love and expect from your favourite event gets that bit more raunchier! Let go of your inhibitions and explore your deepest fantasies with our stunning sponsors:

American Bazaar, Asteria, Consent Boutique, CuCa, Dictatorshop, Fake Society, Kaithleen's, Merch, Mug, NailPlug, NeXus, Off-Line, Pretty Liars, Pure Poison, Salem, Secrets, Short Leash, Sibilla, Stockholm&Lima, Vanilla Bae

and amazing designers offering you everything from sexy clothing, deliciously naughty decor, furniture, toys and accessories. Every thing you could possibly need to live your wildest dreams. 

Unleash your inner porn star - Lights...Camera...Action!

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Whore Couture Fair - Porn Edition opens in just a few short hours!!

We hope you are as excited as we are :D

To celebrate we have 4 giveaways currently running, so, how would you like to win the exclusive release from Wicca's Originals, Secrets, Pretty Liars AND Mug??

All you have to do is join us on Discord for your chance to win Riley from Wicca's Originals and Marrie Gstring from Secrets. Then you can head over to our Facebook page for your chance to win P*ssy Slapper from Pretty Liars and Roxi set from Mug. Simple right - so what are you waiting!?

Winner will be drawn at 8AM SLT for the Wicca's Originals exclusive.

Winner will be drawn at 10AM SLT for the Secrets exclusive.

Winner will be drawn at 12PM SLT for the Pretty Liars exclusive.

Winner will be drawn at 2pPM SLT

Good Luck!!

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