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Event category: Hunt

Starting date: August 7th, 2021 @ Noon SLT

Ending date: August 30th, 2021 @ Noon SLT

Fees: 500L/store. Please pay directly to Chelsea Couturier.

Sponsors: No sponsors.

Shadow on Concrete Wall

Be sure you have received the "Men Only Hunt - MOH - Team" group and
that you have the designer tag. 


Be sure you have received the "MEN ONLY HUNT poster" and rez it in your store. 

The earlier you rez it in your store, the better rank in the hunt you will get.

Once the poster is rezzed, delete the texture inside the poster content and

drop your store logo texture.

Be sure your poster is shared with your group land.


Fees are due no later than two (2) weeks before the event opens.

Send your fee directly to Chelsea Couturier in world.

Please write the event name in the transaction payment message.


You can setup anytime before the deadline. The hunt item will work only at the hunt opening. Read the timeline carefully and write the deadlines in your calendar! 



July 24th

12:00 PM SLT

Last day to send your 500L fee to Chelsea Couturier. You will receive a receipt from us when it is done.

Deadline to rez the MEN ONLY HUNT POSTER in your store. If you don't rez the poster, your hunt object will not work. If your hunt object doesn't work, you can't be in the hunt!

- Rez the poster at the entrance of your store. Do NOT delete the scripts inside the poster.

**The earlier you rez it in your store, the better rank in the hunt you will get. The scripts inside the poster will list all the hunt locations from oldest to newest.

- Once the poster is rez, delete the texture inside the poster content and drop your store logo texture.

You can start to setup your hunt item.

August 7th

9:00 AM SLT

Designers setup ends.

- Every designers not ready will be removed from the hunt. No refund.

12:00 PM SLT

Men Only Hunt starts.

- The hunters will need the hunt HUD to participate.

They can buy it for free at the Men Only Monthly landing point.

August 30th

12:00 PM SLT

Men Only Hunt ends.

- The hunt item will bet deleted automatically.

- The hunt HUD will stop working.


You can drop out at anytime but there is no refund, no exception.


Missing any deadline without prior communication with the manager, or disregarding the rules will result in being ejected from the event.


We reserve the right to terminate participation if your products do not meet the event standards.

Copyrighted items of any form will be returned without any notice.


If you agreed to it in your registration form, your name will be added to our event database. You will receive application notices via the Flair for Events Designers subscriber.

You can opt out of the subscriber at any time by contacting a

member of the staff.



  • You must hide a hunt gift related to the male gender in your store. You can hide as many hunt gift as you want. All hunt gift will be FREE.

  • Your hunt gift can be a new release or any item you previously sold.

  • Hints are NOT mandatory.

  • There is no bloggers in this event. You can share with your own bloggers if you want.

  • It is mandatory to rez the event poster kiosk in your mainstore and to drop your store logo texture in its content. Unfortunately, if you dont have a mainstore in world, you can't participate in the hunt.

  • We will create a Flickr gallery for the hunt. We need you to share your ad in the Flickr group or to tag the flairforevents account. Please DO NOT disable the option to share your picture on Flickr if you want to be promoted.

  • You must accept the event group and read the notices carefully.

  • It is forbidden to use any copyrighted logos, patterns or style on your hunt item. We will not accept items featuring branded names or logos such as Chanel, Adidas, etc. or copyrighted items such as Barbie, Disney, etc. 

  • We will not tolerate racism, sexism, or homophobia of any kind. Any designer who will not respect that will be ejected from the event.

  • There is no refund if you drop the event. No exception.



  • Look at the timeline to know the setup deadlines.

  • Be sure you have received the "MEN ONLY HUNT poster" and rez it in your store.​​​​

    • Share the poster to your group land (no deed).​

    • Drop your store logo inside the content of the poster (delete the previous texture).

    • Do NOT delete the scripts and notecard inside the poster.

  • Inside your welcome pack v5, you can find an object called "MOH Hunt Object v2"; its a bird.

    • Rez the bird on the ground. 

    • Share the bird to your group land (no deed).

    • Drop your BOXED hunt gift inside the content of the bird.

    • Do NOT delete the scripts and the notecard inside the bird.

    • Do NOT resize or modify the bird.

    • Do NOT rename the bird.

    • Do NOT set the bird for sale! The script will set your bird for sale automatically.

  • Once your bird is ready, hide it anywhere in your store.

    • You must hide it INSIDE the store (not in the walls, ground, ceiling or inside furniture's).​

    • You can hide as many birds as you want in your store.

    • Do NOT hide birds with empty content.

  • Now set up a hint in each bird to help the hunters to find it.

    • Click on the bird. A popup menu will open.

    • Click on "Hint". Type your hint.

    • The hunters will see your hint by using the MOH HUD.​

  • If you need the textures of the poster or the logo, you can download the files here:

  • To understand how the hunt will work for the hunters, take a look at the official hunt page on the website.


The script inside the bird will give it random names.

This will stop anyone using "area search" or

 cheater HUDs to find hunt items quickly.

The random names are taken from nearby objects in your store.

So if your bird has a weird name, it's normal!

White Table


Have you shared your ad in the event Flickr group?

Here is the event Flickr group link: Flickr : MEN ONLY by Flair For Events

You can also tag the flairforevents account. DO NOT disable the option to share your picture on Flickr.

Tag us on Facebook (Poppy Lemongrass) or post in our group!

Men Only by Flair for Events | Facebook

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