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#BIGGIRL February is OPEN!!

A new round of #BIGGIRL has opened and will run until March 10th!

Sponsored by:

Beauty Factory, moxxi, Eleven, erotiK, Fake Society, Gaia, HER, Le Fil Cassé, MARTI, MeHoney, Minuit, SPIRIT, THIS IS WRONG, and Via Fulô.

This month, enter for a chance to win this beautiful fatpack from Eva Store!

To enter, go to the #BIGGIRL facebook group page ( and follow the instructions under the pinned contest post! Make sure you complete each step or your entry will not be official.

Good luck! Be sure to check out Eva Store here:

■ Gallery link:

■ FlickR:

■ Surl:

Happy Shopping!


FFE Website:

FFE Facebook page:

FFE Flickr:

FFE Store Rentals:


photo credit: Cocaine -

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