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Ongoing and upcoming events - February 2022

The new year is racing on full speed ahead - and Flair For Events is right up there with it!

We have many exciting events ongoing and coming soon - both old and new ones - because what is a new year without new exciting things to come?

We have updated our logo as many of you may have noticed - and in April we have a brand new sales event coming your way - Spring Sidewalk Sale! Keep reading for more information!

#Biggirl event is still ongoing for just a few more days, so if you've not had the opportunity to visit yet, there's still a few days to do so!


Men Only is open until the 15th of February, so grab your best mate and head on over to get your hands on all the amazing releases!


In March 2022, Whore Couture Fair has graced the grid for nothing less than 10 years!

We still have room for more designers and bloggers to join us.

If you are interested in either, please apply on the following URLs:



Our brand new event, Spring Sidewalk Sale is coming in April with up to 80% off!

We are also still accepting designers and bloggers for this event!



Stay tuned on our website and social media for more information coming soon!

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