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Event category: Fair

Starting date: July 17th, 2021 @ Noon SLT

Ending date: August 7th, 2021 @ Noon SLT


Fees: 2,500L / Regular, 7,000L / Sponsor

*Sponsors spot are invite only. Please pay directly to Chelsea Couturier.

Sponsors: 777 Motors, Amataria & Evolue, amias, FAGA, Havoc, Junk Food, Love, Majesty, MOVEMENTT,
Off-Line, Stockholm & Lima and Tentacio.

Camping in Mountains

Be sure you have received the "Summer Camp - Team" group and that you have the designer/sponsor tag. Contact a member of the staff if you want us to resend the invitation.


Be sure you have received the "SUMMER CAMP poster" and rez it in your store. 

Be sure your poster is shared with your group land.

If you don't have an inworld store, please share the event in your picks.
Contact a member of the staff if you want us to resend it to you.


Fees are due no later than two (2) weeks before the event opens.

Send your fee directly to Chelsea Couturier in world.

Please write the event name in the transaction payment message.


Read the timeline carefully and write the deadlines in your calendar! 

Contact a member of the staff if you have any question.



July 3rd

12:00 PM SLT

Last day to send your fee to Chelsea Couturier.

You will receive a receipt from us when it is done.

July 9th

9:00 AM SLT

Designers setup starts.

-You can claim your booth at the venue and do your setup. First come, first served.

- Rez your logo on the logo frame. The frames are shared with the team group.

- You can claim and setup a booth only when you 
are ready, i.e. with your items set for sale (ad excluded).

- Empty claimed booth or semi-completed will be returned immediately without notice.

You can send your item to bloggers in the team group and share your ad in the official Flickr.

There is no blogger room.

July 15th

12:00 PM SLT

Deadline to setup without extension fees.

Late fees (1,500L) will be applied on unclaimed booths (Does not apply to sponsors.)

July 17th

8:00 AM SLT

Designer setup ends.

Every designers not ready will be removed from the event (except for those who contacted us).

Empty booths will be closed.

12:00 PM SLT

Summer Camp opens.


You can drop out at anytime but there is no refund, no exception.


Missing any deadline without prior communication with the manager, or disregarding the rules will result in being ejected from the event.


We reserve the right to terminate participation if your products do not meet the event standards.

Copyrighted items of any form will be returned without any notice.


If you agreed to it in your registration form, your name will be added to our event database. You will receive application notices via the Flair for Events Designers subscriber.

You can opt out of the subscriber at any time by contacting a

member of the staff.



  • You must create at least one (1) exclusive new release related to the Summer Camp Theme (Summer, party, camping, vacations, family, friends, foodies, campfire, forest, etc.). No adult content, the sim is rated mature.

  • Gacha are allowed.

  • Your exclusive new release can be put up for sale at your mainstore and marketplace once the event is over. If we see your exclusive in your mainstore or at another event while the event is still running, your item will be returned without notice.

  • You must rez the event poster kiosk at your mainstore, or if you dont have a mainstore, create a profile pick at the event location.​

  • We need you to share your ad in the Flickr group or to tag the flairforevents account. Please DO NOT disable the option to share your picture on Flickr if you want to be promoted.

  • You must accept the event group and read the notices carefully.

  • It is forbidden to use any copyrighted logos, patterns or style on your exclusive item. We will not accept items featuring branded names or logos such as Chanel, Adidas, etc. or copyrighted items such as Barbie, Disney, etc. Such items will be returned without notice.

  • We will not tolerate racism, sexism, or homophobia of any kind. Any designer who will not respect that will be ejected from the event.

  • A late fee of 1500$L will be applied to any booth not ready by the setup deadline.



  • Look at the timeline to know the setup deadlines.

  • You will need the "Summer Camp - Team" group to setup.

  • The booths are not assigned. They are first come first served.  You can claim a booth only when you are ready to setup, i.e. with your items set for sale (ad excluded). Empty claimed booth will be returned immediately.

  • Rez your logo directly on the booth frame. They are shared with the event group. Only sponsors can rez their mesh logo on their booth.

  • Regular stores get 100 prims. Sponsor stores get 250 prims.

  • Old releases are accepted in your booth as long as your new release is clearly marked with the exclusive alpha and you stay under your prim limit. The old releases must fit with the event theme or they will be returned without notice.

  • Nothing outside your booth. Remove all scripts from decorations. No particles, spam or popup allowed.

  • Rez the alpha event logo on your ad. You can download the file here: 

White Table


Have you shared your ad in the event Flickr group?

Here is the event Flickr group link: SUMMER CAMP by Flair For Events | Flickr

You can also tag the flairforevents account. DO NOT disable the option to share your picture on Flickr.

Tag us on Facebook (Poppy Lemongrass)!

Have you sent your exclusive new release to the bloggers?

You can send a notice in the event group with your attached item.

You can also ask bloggers to contact you personally if you do not want to send it in the event group.

Do you want to participate in the event giveaway?

You can give a fatpack or a giftcard. If you want to participate contact Poppy Lemongrass.

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