• Create mens and/or womens clothing, accessories, enhancements, decor ect

  • Rez the event poster kiosk at your mainstore, or if you dont have a mainstore, create a profile pick at the event location

  • Have a group space available for the event team group

  • Create one (1) exclusive new release, minimum

  • Use the event alpha on your exclusive release

  • Submit your vendor ad to the Winter Spirit FlickR group

  • Setup within your space, no decorations outside of your booth. You have 80 prims

  • Remove all scripts from decorations


  • Original work is preferred

  • Templates are allowed BUT they must be unrecognizable from the original. Straight recolors/textures are not allowed

  • The booths will be assigned by management

  • No adult content. The sim is rated mature.

  • The theme  of the event is Winter, magic, sparkles. Look HERE for inspiration on our Pinterest board

  • All items can be put up for sale at your mainstore and marketplace ONCE THE EVENT IS OVER. If we see your exclusive in your mainstore or at another event, you will be ejected from the event

  • Winter Spirit will NOT accept items featuring branded names or logos such as Chanel, Adidas, etc. or copyrighted items such as Barbie, Disney, etc. Such items will be returned without notice and you may be removed from the event

  • Designer fees are 3000$L. Non negotiable. No refund.

  • A late fee of 1500$L will be applied to any booth not ready by the setup deadline


  • Be a male or female blogger

  • Take good quality pictures

  • Have FlickR

  • Have a group space available for the event team group

  • Publish the event flyer where you list current sponsors/events when you receive your acceptance note

  • Submit all posts to the event FlickR group

  • Credit items blogged & name the event

  • Publish 4 posts in total, minimum.

  • Publish 1 pre event post by midnight SLT on the 10th December

  • Submit a report via the 'blogger report' button underneath this text

Winter Spirit Applications & Rules

Last update: 01/03/21

It is mandatory to read the rules before applying.

Missing any deadline without prior communication with the manager, or disregarding the rules will result in being ejected from the event and blacklisted from future events.


No exceptions and no refund.


If you are an accepted or existing designer and/or blogger your name will be added to our event database. You will receive application notices via the Flair for Events Designers or Bloggers subscriber.

You can opt out of this at any time and with immediate effect by contacting a member of staff and requesting your name to be removed.

We do not pass on or collect any other information.

Winter Spirit Timeline

All questions should be directed to the event managers.

Fees are due no later than 2 weeks before the event opens.

Didnt receive a notecard? Speak directly with a manager.


21st November

Last date to send your fee.

5th December

Designer set up starts.

10th December

Deadline for designers to set up by 7pm SLT.

Late fee applied to any booths not ready.

Deadline for bloggers to publish one post.

12th December

winter Spirit opens at NOON SLT.

9th January

Last day for bloggers to submit posts to FlickR.

10th January 2021

Winter Spirit closes at NOON SLT.

Deadline for bloggers to submit the report.

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